HDFC Bank ATM Feature for Rent: Application Own, Contact Little print & Required Paperwork
August 27, 2023

HDFC Bank ATM Feature for Rent: Application Own, Contact Little print & Required Paperwork

HDFC Bank is one amongst the essential non-public banks in India. We’re all attentive to HDFC Bank and the companies equipped by the Bank. Observe you recognize you’re going to be in a situation to present supreme money while placing HDFC Bank ATM to your enjoy space by supreme renting it? Smartly, we are in a position to discuss your complete crucial aspects relating to the identical on this text.

HDFC Bank supplies an ATM Feature Rental Program that enables people and corporations to rent out situation for placing HDFC Bank ATMs. This step is essential for every and each the monetary institution and the location owners while increasing the accessibility of banking companies to customers. When you happen to could perhaps well very effectively be drawn to renting your home for an HDFC Bank ATM, here’s all the issues that you can perhaps must learn about the application direction of, contact crucial aspects, and the required paperwork.

Renting out situation for an HDFC Bank ATM is a rob-rob agonize for every and each property owners and the monetary institution. It supplies additional profits, increased security, and convenience for purchasers. To practice for the ATM Feature Rental Program, be obvious your home meets the do of abode and situation requirements while complying with the required documentation.

By partnering with HDFC Bank, you contribute to the growth of banking companies and create a essential asset on your home. Take into accout, repeatedly double-take a look at the most contemporary pointers and procedures on the excellent HDFC Bank web do of abode to preserve up-to-date with any changes to the program.

HDFC Bank ATM Feature Rental Program

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Topic Rapid Description
HDFC Bank ATM Feature Rental Program A program providing situation owners the different to rent out their property for HDFC Bank ATMs, mutually benefiting each and each parties.
Advantages Enhanced footfall, additional profits, increased security, and convenience for purchasers.
Requirements Location suitability, situation availability, true possession, and adherence to regulatory pointers.
Application Course of Step-by-step application draw for renting situation for HDFC Bank ATMs.
Contact Little print Relevant contact recordsdata to regain entangled with HDFC Bank for inquiries and functions.
Required Paperwork Checklist of a must-have paperwork fundamental for the application direction of.

HDFC Bank’s ATM Feature Rental Program gifts an supreme-attempting different for property owners to exhaust their situation efficiently and generate an additional source of profits. By partnering with HDFC Bank, you contribute to the growth of banking companies and supply customers straightforward regain entry to to ATMs, thereby increasing footfall to your home.

Advantages of Web web hosting an HDFC Bank ATM

The ATM Feature Rental Program supplies several advantages to property owners.

  • It attracts better footfall to your home as of us talk over with the ATM frequently. This could even consequence in increased alternate possibilities in case your home is business in nature.
  • You receive condo profits from HDFC Bank, providing a fashioned circulate of earnings.
  • The presence of an ATM enhances security within the vicinity, which will be ample for every and each residential and business areas.
  • Offering banking convenience to customers can positively affect your home’s recognition and desirability.

Requirement for HDFC Bank ATM Feature

To be eligible for the ATM Feature Rental Program or no longer it will seemingly be crucial to fulfil obvious requirements given beneath.

  • The most important instruct is the do of abode suitability of your home.
  • HDFC Bank evaluates the footfall and accessibility of the do of abode to be obvious the ATM’s viability.
  • That it’s essential have ample situation accessible to your home to accommodate the ATM set up.
  • The monetary institution requires true possession paperwork to verify your authority to rent the location.
  • That it’s essential follow all regulatory pointers situation by the monetary institution and native authorities.

Easy Apply for HDFC Bank ATM Feature Rental?

The application direction of for renting out situation for an HDFC Bank ATM is terribly easy. Apply the steps talked about beneath-

  1. Initial Inquiry: Search the advice of with the nearby HDFC Bank and explicit your proposal of your hobby within the ATM Feature Rental Program. After that, the monetary institution will overview your proposal and discover if they want a situation to your locality. If all the issues goes magnificent they are going to present you an application produce.
  2. Property Overview: HDFC Bank will habits an outline of your home to discover its suitability for installing an ATM. In overall, the required property dimension must be 10×10 feet.
  3. Documentation: Prepare and submit the complete required paperwork as per the monetary institution’s pointers.
  4. Settlement Signing: After approval, you are going to must trace an settlement with HDFC Bank outlining the phrases and prerequisites of the location condo.
  5. ATM Installation: Once the settlement is signed, HDFC Bank will proceed with the set up of the ATM at your home.

HDFC Bank Contact Files

For any inquiries or to provoke the application direction of, you’re going to be in a situation to realize out to HDFC Bank thru the next contact crucial aspects:

  • Cell phone: 18002026161/ 18602676161
  • E-mail:
  • Web page online:

Required Paperwork for HDFC Bank ATM Feature Rental

To practice for the HDFC Bank ATM Feature Rental Program, you are going to must submit the next paperwork:

  • Proof of Id: Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID, or any varied govt-issued ID.
  • Proof of Contend with: Recent utility bill, rent settlement, or any suited address proof.
  • Property Ownership Paperwork: Title deed, property tax receipt, or any file proving your possession.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC): NOC from relevant authorities, if applicable.

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