August 27, 2023

eHRMS Manav Sampada Protal of Uttar Pradesh Total Book

Manav Sampada Portal has been launched by the Authorities of Uttar Pradesh for all government departments. Now one can without grief apply for leave through this portal. “Manav Sampada” application is an on a conventional foundation application tool for personnel management actions fancy monitoring, planning, recruitment, posting, promotion, transfer, upkeep of carrier historical past etc. It is developed, maintained and hosted by the NIC UP Allege centre and readily within the market at for utilizing government departments.

The Authorities of Uttar Pradesh has started an on-line HRMS management carrier through MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Enhance). Now all the carrier books of the government department will likely be managed throughout the Manav Sampada UP portal.

eHRMS has introduced a leap forward in managing human resources efficiently and effectively within the government. “Manav Sampada” isn’t handiest a solution for manpower planning, however its integration with other e-governance applications has prolonged its scope to moderately loads of other government and non-government companies.
Thus, “EHRMS” has been developed with the targets of Appropriate Governance.

What are the advantages of Manav Sampada Portal?

  • Thru this portal, the departments without grief defend all the details of the staff and officers serving with them.
  • Lecturers, staff of Uttar Pradesh can without grief apply for leave by registering on this portal.
  • On this portal, total data of all the staff and officers of Uttar Pradesh can even even be checked without grief.
  • Knowledge linked to you and your department will likely be readily within the market on Manav Sampada Portal.
  • It is likely you’ll presumably perhaps also ship Online Hasten away Utility sitting at dwelling through this portal. And your leave application will likely be well-liked on-line handiest. Now you might maybe presumably well presumably also defend leave with none motivation app (PRERNA UTTAR PRADESH).

What are the Predominant Positive aspects of UP eHRMS Manav Sampada?

The application can broadly be categorized into the next modules on eHRMS Manav Sampada Portal.

Division AdministratorThe head arrangement of job of the department can entry the arrangement of job hierarchy, study and check staff info below that department, upload departmental notifications, news, orders etc.

Workplace Administrator – Employee registration, set roles, bag passwords etc.

Provider E book Knowledge Compose – Total knowledge linked to the employee carrier book is captured in Manav Sampada tool. The main subcategories are:

  • Private Knowledge–Smartly-liked Fundamental points akin to Title, Father Title, Date of Initiating, Date of Retirement, Identification Marks, Photograph, Caste, Blood Community, Class, Unique posting.
  • Employee Take care of Knowledge – Residential Take care of ingredient, contact ingredient both most modern and everlasting.
  • Employee Official Knowledge – Initial joining knowledge, cadre, appointment ingredient.
  • Employee Nomination Knowledge – Nomination ingredient of GPF/CPS with %age.
  • Employee Education/Coaching Knowledge – Education and Coaching Fundamental points.
  • Employee Family Knowledge – Member of the family itsy-bitsy print
  • Employee Provider History Knowledge – Defend end info of employee total carrier History with 25 various transactions (Joining, Relieving, Promotion, Switch, Increment, Departmental Exam, Retirement, Suspension etc.)
  • Employee ACR Knowledge – ACR submission ingredient – Static
  • Employee Departmental Proceeding Knowledge – Division Enquiry/Proceeding itsy-bitsy print
  • Employee Hasten away Knowledge – Files employee legacy leave itsy-bitsy print
  • Employee Award Knowledge – Award explicit knowledge.
Portal Title eHRMS Manav Sampada
Allege Uttar Pradesh
Fair Online Employee Management
Division A host of Departments below UP Allege Authorities
Cell Utility Manav Sampada Cell App for Android and ios
Net Portal Link

Online Modules of eHRMS Manav Sampada Portal

  • Switch/Posting – The user can bag, finalized and submit the a host of orders by selecting the concerned staff straight away throughout the applying.
  • Hasten away Management – Workers with official employee code/password can put up applications for leaves to their reporting officer and the reporting officer will approve/reject/execute the leaves straight away throughout the applying.
  • ACR Module – A user can alter the ACR format and route of of employee evaluate on the 0-10 scale. A feature-essentially essentially based entirely workflow route of for ACR submission and their evaluate by reporting and reviewing officers. MS-essentially essentially based entirely dissemination of ACR feature to staff.
  • eFiling of Annual Property Return – Each employee with an official employee code/password can put up their APR for the outdated and most modern years. The certain wager linked to employee APR is straight away readily within the market on the portal. three hundred and sixty five days-wise ingredient of employee APR is straight away within the market for voters and to Authorities at each and every stage.

Objectives of eHRMS Manav Sampada

  • To originate a total HRMS solution for approximately 20 Lakhs staff unfold all the most life like likely device throughout the state in various government workplaces.
  • To safe HR linked databases for analyzing the skill build of living of each and every employee by gathering knowledge fancy skills, compensation, deepest itsy-bitsy print, demographic knowledge, and other detailed relevant knowledge.
  • To relieve Authorities in analyzing the feature of manpower by calculating the most modern and future feature of recruitment and retirement.
  • To defend staff most suited knowledge at the present readily within the market in their handbook carrier book document in electronic safe (e-Provider E book) and to bag a Searchable Employee Provider E book database through info entry of grasp carrier book and on-line transactions thereon.
  • To manufacture readily within the market eService book on the Net supporting Governments effort to lift transparency in a user-succesful interface for exercise by both the department and Authorities staff.
  • To lower the handbook effort in inserting forward carrier book by decentralizing and timely updation of their transaction akin to (transfer, promotion, joining, relieving etc.)
  • To produce the target of the RTI Act close to employee posting and transfers.
  • To safe a workflow-essentially essentially based entirely product to put away with paper exercise within the Authorities at moderately loads of levels which is able to result in hasty disposal of issues and thus beef up the Carbon Credit Ranking of the Allege by saving paper.
  • To safe Outputs/Queries (on moderately loads of different criteria) at all the levels for tremendous protection resolution making.

What can an employee study on eHRMS Manav Sampada Portal?

  • Payslip
  • Performance appraisal,
  • Time without work requests,
  • Coaching management,
  • Attendance management
  • Doc management

Straightforward login on eHRMS Manav Sampada Portal

  • To begin with, trail to the official web rep 22 situation of eHRMS Manav Sampada Portal.
  • On the pause correct corner, click on the login button.
  • Now, rep the department title and hang within the User identification and Password given by the department.
  • Enter captcha and click on put up button.
  • Eventually, your profile will likely be opened and that you just might maybe even entry it.

Decent Link for eHRMS Manav Sampada Portal –

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