May 31, 2023

Download Video From Twitter Dm

How to Download Videos From Twitter DM

Twitter allows users to share videos directly in a DM chat. But, if you wish to save them on your computer or phone, you need to know how to download them. This guide will tell you how to do that with ease.


  • On Desktop:

    1. Log in to your Twitter account on your computer.
    2. In the navigation pane on the left, select ‘Messages.’
    3. In the list of conversations, enter the DM chat that contains the video.
    4. Click the downwards pointing arrow beside the video you want to download.
    5. Select ‘Download Video’ from the dropdown.
    6. The video will start downloading.

  • On Mobile:

    1. Open the Twitter app on your phone.
    2. Tap the envelope icon at the bottom-right corner.
    3. Enter the DM chat with the video.
    4. Tap the downwards pointing arrow at the top-right corner of the video.
    5. Select ‘Save Video.’
    6. The video will be saved on your device.

With these simple steps, you will be able to download all the videos from Twitter DM chats.

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