May 31, 2023

Download Embedded Video From Website

How to Download Embedded Video from Website?

Every day hundreds of millions of people watch videos around the world, and many of these videos are hosted on websites. In some cases, the video is already embedded into the web page, which makes it easier to watch online, but what if you want to download the video to watch offline? Fortunately, this is a fairly easy process, provided you know the right tools and techniques. In this article, we’ll provide a step by step guide to downloading embedded video from websites.

Steps to Download Embedded Video from Websites

  1. Find the Video File URL: The first step is to locate the actual video file URL, so that you can access it directly. To do this, open the video in a browser, and then right-click on the video window. Depending on the browser you’re using, you should see an option like ‘Inspect Element’, ‘Debug’, or ‘View Source’. When you click that, you’ll open up a code window, which details all of the elements on the page, including the video file itself.
  2. Copy the Video File URL and Download: Scroll through the code until you find the video file URL, and then copy it. In some cases, this could be an MP4, MKV, AVI, or other file type. Once you’ve copied the URL, paste it into your browser, and hit enter. This should open a direct download page, where you can save the video file within seconds.
  3. Download a Video Downloader: If the above method doesn’t work, then you can download a dedicated video downloader instead. These are software programs that can detect embedded videos on websites and allow you to download them directly to your device. All you need to do is open the webpage in the software, and then select the videos you want to download.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, it’s fairly straightforward to download embedded videos from websites – all you need to do is locate the video file URL and copy it to your browser, or use a dedicated video downloader software instead. For the best results, make sure you’re using the most up to date version of a browser.

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